Tour de France – Lance again

BBC Sports reports that Lance Armstrong, now sponsored by the Discovery Channel and riding for Team Discovery Channel (warning: that’s a slow link to a site loaded with adware – I would view it with Firefox and set the adblocker to simplify future visits – but check out the Official Team jersey for $100 US and other merchandise) will compete in the 2005 Tour de France.
We should see TV coverage in Canada which will be entertaining and hopefully inspiring to the lads. The BBC Web sports site has good cycling coverage like this link to the 2004 Tour. Bicycling Magazine has a Tour news site. At this moment, it’s still mainly news from the 2004 Tour, and it hasn’t been updated for a while but it will be worth watching.


One response to “Tour de France – Lance again”

  1. I am glad to hear he’s going again. I find him exciting to watch. Val thinks it’s a bore to watch the same guy win over and over, but I finally understand why people used to rave about Gretzky (while I used to heckle him)… it’s cool to watch somebody do something when he’s obviously the best at it in the world.