Another Podcatcher Broken

Player FM (the Android podcatcher) started to act up in Febuary and March 2021. It failed to perform the functions it had performed over the preceding years that I had been using it.

The VC financed entity Maple Media bought the IP in May 2020. Some of the initial coverage treated this a change that might be beneficial for someone. TechCrunch May 12, 2020. The Android Police put Maple Media on a sort of watch list October 29, 2020 because of its practices. Maple Media appears to have decided to break Player FM for some advantage.

I thought Google Podcasts would work but Google is blocked in Britain from serving BBC podcasts. An issue of broadcast rights in British law. Google has changed its stance on podcatchers and podcast directories. It likes to scrape content and use it to fill Google apps. It can get away with this, but sometimes avoids a fight in court.

Pocket Casts restored its reputation for stablility and functionality with 11 stable upgrades to the buggy 2019 Pocket Casts version 7 that broke Pocket Casts and led me to drop it. (Shifty Jelly had shut down its remaining app Pocket Weather in 2018). However, Pocket Media, the NPR consortium that owns Pocket Casts, is selling the app.

Podcasting is attracting large investors who want listeners and revenue. This is changing the way postcasts are made and published, which has been attracting comment. For instance the Guardian piece why indie podcasts are in peril.

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