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  • Bread Baking, 2022

    Bread Machine Repair Seized up My Zojirushi Virtuoso model BB-PAC20 bread machine stopped working on June 27, 2022. The pan would not even seat on the drive connectors in the machine. One of the drive shafts was seized. The pan was already loaded with unmixed ingredients for a light rye bread. I dumped the ingredients […]

  • Sodium in Bread

    Sodium Health Bread has some sodium without salt, but the main source of sodium is salt. Humans can taste salt but cannot know how, by taste, much salt is in their food, or how much sodium they are consuming. The reasons that have not been explained by anatomical research on the human sensory organs. (“salt […]

  • Breadboxes

    Most bread is made of grain that has been harvested and milled, to be hydrated, kneaded, and baked. Agricultural, industrial and culinary art have extended the usefulness of grain, but have not created a product to compare to the lembas bread of the elves in The Lord of the Rings. Bread is edible and palatable […]

  • 100% Whole Wheat Bread Machine

    100% whole wheat loaves may be made with a bread machine in the whole wheat program. High WW flour formulas that aim for sandwich loaves with an moderately open crumb use a dough with enhanced visco-elastic properties; the dough is enhanced with vital wheat gluten or bread flour and enriched with fats – oil or […]

  • Smaller Bread Machine Loaves

    Why? The main reasons for baking smaller loaves are to have fresh bread, and avoid spoilage. Bread is perishable: Constraints Pan Size Bread machines identity the size (volume) of the pans by reference to the capacity of the pan to hold a baked loave. 1.5 lb. machines were common. Large is a common size; XL […]

  • Light Rye – Bread Machine

    Rye Bread Bread was made with rye flour in parts of Eurasia where rye grew and wheat did not, including the parts of Northern Europe, including the lands around the Baltic Sea. Rye has some protein, but does not produce enough gluten to rise like a leavened wheat bread. Pumpernickel may refer to bread made […]

  • Multigrain Bread Machine Loaves

    Multigrain Multigrain means a blend of bread flour and whole wheat, or another flour. These recipes involve 15% -50 % whole wheat flour by weight. The basic bake program works in most machines for these recipes. When bread flour is less than 50% of total flour, recipes may suggest a whole wheat program, or a […]

  • Lean Bread Machine Bread

    Lean or Rustic A lean bread is flour, water, yeast and salt. Technically, a lean bread is made with flour, water, salt and yeast, without fat: butter, oil, or vegetable shortening. Fat mixed and kneaded shortens gluten strands, making the bread softer. Salt interacts with amino acids in the flour as the protein bind to […]

  • Bread Machine Sandwich Loaves

    Standard Recipes I am sceptical of the idea that a recipe for bread works in all bread machines. I think bread machine recipes have to be customized for machines. I adapt recipes, mainly from the Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook (“BLBMC”). I worked out my approach to yeast and low sodium in baking in a […]

  • Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook

    Introduction Endless Post This post was published in 2020 and has been revised a few times. I don’t republish or change the date or mark up the revisions. Recommendations The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook is a unique book. I have kept it and refer to it on baking and bread machine issues. I have […]