Bread flour (white) Bread Machine Loaves

Bread machine recipes have to be customized for machines. I stopped trusting “standard” recipes. I adapt recipes, mainly from the Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook (“BLBMC”).

I worked out my approach to yeast and low sodium in baking in a Panasonic SD-YD250 for medium (1.5 lb.) loaves June, July and August, 2018. BLBMC recipes did not work in that machine. I adjusted yeast for BLBMC recipes baked in Panasonic SD-YD250 machine. The BLBMC recipes for white bread loaves worked in the Panasonic with the adaptation. When I started to bake in a Zojirushi BB-PAC20, I changed my method of writing recipes in tables, and changed my recipes to specify the amount of instant yeast for that machine.

The Zojirushi manual provides recipes for sandwich bread – enriched (sugar, milk, butter) bread flour loaves, including Basic White Bread. Its recipes identify volume and weight. Zojirushi’s approach stated in the manual is to scoop flour and fill a measuring cup. This means a less dense or lighter cup than a meauring cup dragged through the flour. I use the amount of flour in the Zojirushi recipe by weight. Zojirushi’s recipes refer to Fleischmann’s active dry yeast and rapid-rise yeast. I think active dry yeast is less dense than instant yeast, and use 6/7 of the amount of active dry yeast the recipe requires. This seems to work with loaves made with bread flour and multigrain loaves.

Here are a few bread flour sandwich loaf recipes, including:

  • sandwich loaves, 100% bread flour, with some dry milk (milk powder);
  • sandwich loaf with up to 33% whole wheat;
  • sandwich loaf with specialty flour and seeds

Zojirushi Basic White:

LoafMediumMedium 85% Medium85% Medium
Zojirushi50% sodium50% sodium33% sodium
ProgramBasic BakeBasic BakeBasic BakeBasic Bake
IngredientWeight [V]Weight [V]/
B%Weight [V]/
Weight [V]/
choose one
(Active Dry Yeast) 4.2 g.
Instant Yeast3.6 g.1.8 g.1.5 g.1 g.
Bread Flour416 g.416 g.90333 g.354 g.
Skim Milk Powder9 g. [1.5 tbsp.]9 g. [1.5 T.]
7.2 g. [1 T. + 1/2 tsp.]7.7 g [1 T. + 7/8 tsp]
Sugar35 g.[3 tbsp.]35 g.
[3 tbsp.]
28 g. [2.5 T.]30 g. [2.5 T.]
Total flour/dry460100392
Salt8.4 g.
[1.5 tsp.]
4.2 g.3.6 g.2.4 g.
Butter[2 tbsp.]28 g. [2 T.]
{4 g.}
28 g. [2 T.]
{4 g.}
28 g.|{4 g.} [2 T.]
Water237 g.
[1 cup]
237 g.
189 g.200 g.
Hydration241 g.52193 g204 g

BLBMC Country White:

LoafMediumMedium 85% Medium85% Medium
BLBMC50% Sodium50% Sodium33% Sodium
ProgramBasic Bake Basic Bake Basic Bake Basic Bake
B %Weight [V]Weight [V]
choose one
Instant Yeast High2 tsp.
[5.6 g.]
2.8 g.
I.Y. BB-PAC20[3.2 g.]1.6 g.1.4 g..9 g.
I.Y. Low1 tsp.1.4 g
Bread Flour3 cups417 g.92355 g.355 g.
Instant Potato Flakes1.5 tbsp.6 g. [1.5 tbsp.]5 g. [1 T. + 7/8 tsp]5 g. [1 T. + 7/8 tsp]
Skim Milk Powder3 tbsp.18 g.
[3 tbsp.]
15 g. [2.5 T.]15 g. [2.5 T.]
Sugar1 tbsp.12.5 g. [1 tbsp.]10.5 g. [2.5 tsp.]10.5 g. [2.5 tsp.]
Gluten1 tbsp.000
total flour/dry454 g.100
Salt1.5 tsp. [8.6 g.]4.3 g.3.7 g.2.4 g.
Oil; Canola or Olive1 tbsp.[1 tbsp.][2.5 tsp.][2.5 tsp.]
Water1.33 cups305 g.67259 g.259 g.

BLBMC Honey Whole Wheat. 33% whole wheat flour and honey flavoured:

LoafMedium Medium  85% Medium85% Medium
BLBMC50% Sodium50% Sodium
33% Sodium
ProgramBasic Bake
IngredientVolumeWeight [V] {water}

B%Weight [V] {water}Weight [V] {water}
Instant Yeast High2.25 tsp.
[6.3 g.]
3.2 g.
I.Y. BB-PAC20[4 g.]2 g.1.7 g.1.1 g.
I.Y. Low 1.6 g.
Bread Flour2 cups285 g.242 g.242 g.
Whole Wheat1 cup139 g.118 g.118 g.
Gluten4 tsp.4 g. [.5 Tbsp. = 1.5 tsp.]3 g. [1 1/8 tsp.]
3 g. [1 1/8 tsp.]
Dry skim milk*4 g. [2/3 tbsp.]3 g. [.5 T.]3 g. [.5 T.]
Salt2 tsp. [11.4 g.]5.7 g.4.8 g.3 g.
Total Flour/dry436 g.100
Butter1 tbsp.n [1 tbsp.]
{2 g.}
n [1 tbsp.]
{2 g.}
n [1 tbsp.]
{2 g.}
Honey.25 cups80 g.
{16 g.}
68 g. [3.4 tbsp.]
{14 g.}
68 g. [3.4 tbsp.]
{14 g.}
Large egg157 g. {36 g}57 g. {36 g}57 g. {36 g}
Skim Milk.5 cups123 g. {112 g.}
Water *IF using skim milk.33 cups [79 g.]
Water *IF using dry milk239 g.196 g.196 g.
Total water g.57246 g. 246 g.

BLBMC Buckwheat-Millet. Some buckwheat flour and some millet for texture:

LoafMediumMedium 85% Medium85% Medium
BLBMC50% Sodium50% Sodium33% Sodium
ProgramBasic BakeBasic BakeBasic BakeBasic Bake
IngredientVolumeWeight|{Water} [V.]B %Weight [V.]Weight [V.]
choose one
Instant Yeast2 tsp.
[5.6 g.]
2.8 g.
IY BB-PAC20[3.2 g.]1.6 g.1.4 g..9 g.
IY Low1 tsp.
[2.8 g.]
1.4 g.
Bread Flour2.67 cups 371 g.315 g.315 g.
Buckwheat Flour.33 cups (2.67 Tbsp.)42 g.37 g.37 g.
Gluten1 tbsp.00
Millet.33 cups59 g. [.33 cups]50 g. [.28 cups]30 g. [.28 cups]
Salt1.5 tsp [8.6 g.]4.3 g.3.7 g.2.4 g.
TFW479 g.100
Butter1 tbsp.n|{2 g.} [1 tbsp.]
n|{2 g.} [1 tbsp.]n|{2 g.} [1 tbsp.]
Honey2 tbsp21 g. {5 g.}
[2 tbsp.]
21 g. {5 g.}
[2 tbsp.]
21 g. {5 g.}
[2 tbsp.]
Water266 g.225 g.225 g.
Hydration273 g.57231231

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