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Bread machine recipes have to be customized for machines. I stopped trusting “standard” recipes. I adapt recipes, mainly from the Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook (“BLBMC”).

I worked out my approach to yeast and low sodium in baking in a Panasonic SD-YD250 for medium (1.5 lb.) loaves June, July and August, 2018. BLBMC recipes did not work in that machine.  For 50% salt, I reduce salt and yeast by 50%. I adjusted yeast for BLBMC recipes baked in Panasonic SD-YD250 machine. The BLBMC recipes for white bread loaves worked in the Panasonic with the adaptation. When I started to bake in a Zojirushi BB-PAC20, I changed my method of writing recipes in tables, and changed my recipes to specify the amount of instant yeast for that machine.

The Zojirushi manual provides recipes for basic white flour loaves, including a sandwich bread called Basic White Bread. I noticed Zojirushi’s approach to measuring flour. Its recipes identify volume and weight, but it advises users to scoop flour and fill a measuring cup. This means a less dense or lighter cup than a meauring cup dragged through the flour. This has to watched. I use the amount of flour in the Zojirushi recipe by weight.

Zojirushi’s recipes refer to Fleischmann’s active dry yeast and rapid-rise yeast. I think active dry yeast is less dense than instant yeast, and use 6/7 of the amount of active dry yeast the recipe requires. This seems to work with loaves made with bread flour and multigrain loaves.

Here are a few bread flour sandwich loaf recipes, including:

  • sandwich loaves, 100% bread flour, with some dry milk (milk powder);
  • sandwich loaf with up to 33% whole wheat;
  • sandwich loaf with specialty flour and seeds

Zojirushi Basic White:

LoafMediumMedium 85% Medium85% Medium
Zojirushi50% sodium50% sodium33% sodium
ProgramBasic BakeBasic BakeBasic BakeBasic Bake
IngredientWeight [V]Weight [V]/
B%Weight [V]/
Weight [V]/
choose one
(Active Dry Yeast) 4.2 g.
Instant Yeast3.6 g.1.8 g.1.5 g.1 g.
Bread Flour416 g.416 g.90333 g.354 g.
Skim Milk Powder9 g. [1.5 tbsp.]9 g. [1.5 T.]
7.2 g. [1 T. + 1/2 tsp.]7.7 g [1 T. + 7/8 tsp]
Sugar35 g.[3 tbsp.]35 g.
[3 tbsp.]
28 g. [2.5 T.]30 g. [2.5 T.]
Total flour/dry460100392
Salt8.4 g.
[1.5 tsp.]
4.2 g.3.6 g.2.4 g.
Butter[2 tbsp.]28 g. [2 T.]
{4 g.}
28 g. [2 T.]
{4 g.}
28 g.|{4 g.} [2 T.]
Water237 g.
[1 cup]
237 g.
189 g.200 g.
Hydration241 g.52193 g204 g

BLBMC Country White:

LoafMediumMedium 85% Medium85% Medium
BLBMC50% Sodium50% Sodium33% Sodium
ProgramBasic Bake Basic Bake Basic Bake
B %Weight [V]Weight [V]
choose one
Instant Yeast High2 tsp.
[5.6 g.]
2.8 g.
I.Y. BB-PAC20[3.2 g.]1.6 g.1.4 g..9 g.
I.Y. Low1 tsp.1.4 g
Bread Flour3 cups417 g.92355 g.355 g.
Instant Potato Flakes1.5 tbsp.6 g. [1.5 tbsp.]5 g. [1 T. + 7/8 tsp]5 g. [1 T. + 7/8 tsp]
Skim Milk Powder3 tbsp.18 g.
[3 tbsp.]
15 g. [2.5 T.]15 g. [2.5 T.]
Sugar1 tbsp.12.5 g. [1 tbsp.]10.5 g. [2.5 tsp.]10.5 g. [2.5 tsp.]
Gluten1 tbsp.000
total flour/dry454 g.100
Salt1.5 tsp. [8.6 g.]4.3 g.3.7 g.2.4 g.
Oil; Canola or Olive1 tbsp.[1 tbsp.][2.5 tsp.][2.5 tsp.]
Water1.33 cups305 g.67259 g.259 g.

BLBMC Honey Whole Wheat. 33% whole wheat flour and honey flavoured:

LoafMedium Medium  85% Medium85% Medium
BLBMC50% Sodium50% Sodium
33% Sodium
ProgramBasic Bake
IngredientVolumeWeight [V] {water}

Instant Yeast High2.25 tsp.
[6.3 g.]
3.2 g.
I.Y. BB-PAC20[4 g.]2 g.1.7 g.1.1 g.
I.Y. Low 1.6 g.
Bread Flour2 cups285 g.242 g.242 g.
Whole Wheat1 cup139 g.118 g.118 g.
Gluten4 tsp.8 g. [1 tbsp.]6 g. [2 tsp.]
6 g. [2 tsp.]
Dry skim milk*4 g. [2/3 tbsp.]3 g. [.5 T.]3 g. [.5 T.]
Total Flour/dry436 g.100
Salt2 tsp. [11.4 g.]5.7 g.4.8 g.3 g.
Butter1 tbsp.n [1 tbsp.]
{2 g.}
n [1 tbsp.]
{2 g.}
n [1 tbsp.]
{2 g.}
Honey.25 cups80 g.
{16 g.}
68 g. [3.4 tbsp.]
{14 g.}
68 g. [3.4 tbsp.]
{14 g.}
Large egg157 g.
{36 g}
57 g.
{36 g}
57 g.
{36 g}
Skim Milk.5 cups123 g.
{112 g.}
*for dry milk variant
.33 cups [79 g.]94g. or *211 g.*180 g.*180 g.
Total water255 g.57232 g.232 g.

BLBMC Buckwheat-Millet. Some buckwheat flour and some millet for texture:

LoafMediumMedium 85% Medium85% Medium
BLBMC50% Sodium50% Sodium33% Sodium
ProgramBasic BakeBasic BakeBasic Bake
IngredientVolumeWeight|{Water} [V.]B %Weight [V.]Weight [V.]
choose one
Instant Yeast2 tsp.
[5.6 g.]
2.8 g.
IY BB-PAC20[3.2 g.]1.6 g.1.4 g..9 g.
IY Low1 tsp.
[2.8 g.]
1.4 g.
Bread Flour2.67 cups 371 g.315 g.315 g.
Buckwheat Flour.33 cups43 g.37 g.37 g.
Gluten1 tbsp.00
Total Flour414 g.100
Millet.33 cups[.33 cups][.28 cups][.28 cups]
Salt1.5 tsp [8.6 g.]4.3 g.3.7 g.2.4 g.
Butter1 tbsp.n|{2 g.} [1 tbsp.]
n|{2 g.} [1 tbsp.]n|{2 g.} [1 tbsp.]
Honey2 tbsp21 g.|{5 g.}
[2 tbsp.]
19 g.|{4 g.} [1.7 tbsp]19 g. [1.7 tbsp.]
Water266 g.225 g.225 g.
Hydration273 g.66~230

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