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  • Bread Baking, Summer 2022

    Bread Machine Broken The mixer seized up My bread machine, a Zojirushi Virtuoso model BB-PAC20, stopped working on Monday June 27. The pan would not even seat on the drive connectors in the machine. One of the drive shafts was seized. The pan was already loaded with unmixed ingredients for a light rye bread. I […]

  • Bread, Pizza & Salt

    Pizza is a leavened flatbread, usually leavened with yeast. Like other bread, it is made with salt A pizza made from scratch at a restaurant or at home can have more salt, processed cheese and processed meats than a person should eat. Making pizza dough is similiar to making bread. A pizza crust can be […]

  • Breadboxes – dry or humid

    Bread is … an intermediate-moisture food product that is prone to mould spoilage. Normally bread is eaten fresh or preserved using additives or modified atmosphere packaging. Stanley P. Cauvain, Breadmaking, 2nd ed. 2012 Most bread is made of grain that has been harvested, milled,to be hydrated, kneaded, and baked. Agricultural, industrial and culinary art have […]

  • Bread

    Introduction Bread is made by mixing flour and water into a dough, introducing a rising agent (historically, yeast), kneading the dough, and baking the dough. The Bakepedia site describes it: Bread is a combination of flour and water that has been baked. Over the years, its production has become increasingly more complex with a multitude […]

  • 100% Whole Wheat Bread Machine

    100% whole wheat loaves, and loaves made with more than 67% whole wheat flour may be made with a bread machine in the whole wheat program. High WW flour formulas that aim for sandwich loaves with an moderately open crumb use a dough with enhanced visco-elastic properties. The dough is enhanced with vital wheat gluten […]

  • Wheat Flour

    The Nafufians, hunter gatherers in Jordan, were making bread with wild cereal 12,500 BCE.  The master formula for ancient bread is to grind dried grain into a paste or flour, add water and yeast, let the stuff ferment, tear it in pieces and cook the pieces on a hot surface. People know how to grind […]

  • Smaller Bread Machine Loaves

    Why? Bread is perishable: It dries out; It becomes stale; It is vulnerable to animal pests and microorganisms including mould. Animal pests may contaminate the bread with body parts, eggs, larva, bodily fluids and micro-organisms. Mould is a colony of microorganisms that chemically alters the bread – it can effectively poison the bread. The main […]

  • Light Rye – Bread Machine

    Rye Bread Bread was made with rye flour in parts of Eurasia where rye grew and wheat did not, including the parts of Northern Europe, including the lands around the Baltic Sea. Rye does not produce enough gluten to rise like a leavened wheat bread. Pumpernickel, bread made from 100% rye floour is outside the […]

  • Multigrain Bread Machine Loaves

    Multigrain Multigrain means a blend of bread flour and whole wheat, or another flour. These recipes involve 15% -50 % whole wheat flour by weight. The basic bake program works in most machines for these recipes. When bread flour is less than 50% of total flour, recipes may suggest a whole wheat program, or a […]

  • Lean Bread Machine Bread

    Some baking recipe books are aimed at readers who want to make a specific type of bread, or have sections of recipes for artisinal baking, rustic bread, hearth or country bread. Most “country”, “rustic” or “hearth” loaves are attempts to create a historical style with modern ingredients. Pure wheat white flour started to be milled […]