Rides this year, so far:

DateMe + WhoBikeDistance (Km)Trip
507.72020 Year to Date
03-29CT40.914 days of quarantine. Bridge, Goose, Aldeane, Hagel, Meaford,Station, Dunford, Leigh Rd. to Westhills; return by Westhills trail, Jacklin, Kelly Road, Goose, E&N. Sunny day, many users of trails.
03-25CT28.4Bridge, E&n, Goose to Wale Rd., return
03-21MikeCT43.2Beacon Hill, Oak Bay, Beach Drive, Uplands, U Vic, San Juan, Lochside, Goose to Old Island, E&N
03-18MikeCT42.5Bridge; Lochside via Hunt Valley, return. Sunny 12 degrees C. Some wind. Spring in the air.
03-16MikeCT37.9First plague days ride. Bridge; E&N, Goose to Royal Roads; Aldean& Goose to Jacklin; Return more or less. Sunny, nice, shed layers. Social distancing from the rest of the world.
03-08CT52.3Bridge, Lochside to Cy Hampson, return.
03-01MikeCT42.8Bridge, Lochside to Cordora Bay Road; Lochside to Swingbridge, Goose to Old Island, E&N to Bridge
02-21MikeCT38.7Bridge, E&N, Goose to Royal Roads, Aldeane, Goose to Jacklin, return
02-17MikeCT41.4Beacon Hill, Oak Bay, Uplands, UVic, San Juan, Goose, E&N, Bridge. Sunny, then cloud, then sunny and warmer; about 7 C.
02-15MikeCT40.7Bridge, Lochside to Cordova Bay, Hunt Valley, Lochside to Bridge. Sunny, Mixed cloud, west wind.
02-09MikeCT40.8Bridge, E&N & Goose to Aldeane, Meaford, Station, Dunford, Leigh Road to Langford Lake and Westhills; Jenkins,Kelly to Veterans; Aldeane, Goose to Old Island, E&N back to Bridge.
01-26MikeCT29.2Bridge, E&N to Wale Road; return. Cloudy, some drizzle. Some sun. Warmed to 10 C. Not deterred by the wolf
01-19CT28.9Bridge, E&N to Wale Road; return. Cloudy, some drizzle. Warmed to 10 C.
01-010Rain & Cold;
Happy New Year

I have kept logs of cycling since 2007. In 2016 I converted Excel spreadsheets to Tables in the TablePress plug-in.

Some years I noted some days when I might have cycled but did not. In 2011 I started to make regular long walks (partly therapy after a stoke).

I live in James Bay, a residential area on a peninsula between the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Victoria Harbour, a block from Dallas Road, which  runs along the Strait, on the southern edge of the community. More on Victoria Routes.

Bikes I owned:

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FXTrekFX 42015Hybrid
CTCannondaleTopstone 1052019Gravel

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