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522.32017 Year to Date
17-04-28MikeFX42.0Goose to Sooke Road
17-04-21MikeFX38.4Goose to Veterans Memorial. Friday PM Sunny day before a cool wet weekend.
17-04-14MikeFX31.5Dallas,Beach, Arbutus, Finnerty, UVic. Sunny spring day - breezes, not too brisk. Shorts
17-04-09MikeFX32.9Goose to E & N to Langford police station; back by E & N thru Esquimault
17-04-02MikeFX47.0Lochside from Cedar Hill Cross Road to Tsehum Harbour in Sidney. Sunday AM, sunny, windy
17-03-30MikeFX24.4Blue Bridge, Goose to Old Island; E & N
07-03-25MikeFX42.5Lochside to Saanich Museum
17-03-19MikeFX29.5Blue Bridge, E & N, Goose to Wales Road, return. Sunny, nice - much nicer than forecast
17-03-18MikeFX29.6Dallas, Fairfield, Richmond, Cadboro Bay, U Vic. Sunny, windy.
17-03-05MikeFX29.1Dallas, Fairfield, Richmond, Cadboro Bay, U Vic. Cool, unstable weather: cloudy, showers, even snow and slush
17-02-25MikeFX42.7Lochside, Hunt Valley, Island View (Michell' Farm). Cool day, Sunny with cloud in AM, windy.
17-02-12MikeFX29.3Dallas, Fairfield, McNeill, Beach, Cordova Bay to U Vic and return
17-01-28MikeFX41.3Lochside to Island View (Michell's Farm)
17-01-21MikeFX33.2Galloping Goose to Old Island Highway at Royal Roads
17-01-14MikeFX28.9Dallas/Beach, Richmond (group ride started at Richmond at Fairfield), McNeill, East Oak Bay ramble, Cedar Hill X, U Vic Ring, Henderson/Foul Bay, Fort, Quadra, Beacon Hill Loop, Niagara. Sunny +2 C at 11 am; got to 5 C later

I live in James Bay, a residential area on a peninsula between the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Victoria Harbour. I live a block from Dallas Road, which starts at the Coast Guard Station at the west end of James Bay and runs along the Strait, on the southern edge of the community. Most rides start near the intersection of Dallas and Menzies.  More on routes on my Victoria Routes page.

The logs listed here started as a record of cycling in 2007. I started to add notes about some days when I might have cycled but did not. I did not log paddling practices or distance.  In 2011 I started to make regular long walks (partly therapy after a stoke). I kept logs in Excel locally and uploaded pdf copies to the blog.  In 2016, using the TablePress plug-in, I converted to Tables in posts.

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