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Bread machine recipes have to be customized for machines – there are no standard recipes. I adapt recipes, mainly from the Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook (“BLBMC”).

I worked out my approach to yeast and low sodium in baking in a Panasonic SD-YD250 for medium (1.5 lb.) loaves June, July and August, 2018 do deal with the fact that BLBMC recipes did not work in that machine.  For 50% salt, I reduce salt and yeast by 50%. I adjusted yeast for BLBMC recipes baked in Panasonic SD-YD250 machine. The BLBMC recipes for white bread loaves worked in the Panasonic with the adaptation. When I started to bake in a Zojirushi BB-PAC20, I changed my method of writing recipes in tables, and updated tables.

Here are a few bread flour sandwich loaf recipes, including:

  • sandwich loaves, 100% bread flour, with some dry milk (milk powder);
  • sandwich loaf with up to 33% whole wheat;
  • sandwich loaf with specialty flour and seeds

Zojirushi Basic White:

Basic Bake ProgramSource50% sodium50% sodium
ZojirushiMedium Loaf@ 75% Medium
IngredientWeight [V]Weight [V]
(Active Dry Yeast) 4.2 g.
Instant Yeast3.6 g.1.7 g.1.4 g.
Bread Flour416 g.416 g.309 g.
Skim Milk Powder9 g. [1.5 tbsp.]9 g. [1.5 tbsp.]
7 g.
Sugar35 g. [3 tbsp.]35 g. [3 tbsp.]26.3 g.
Salt8.4 g. [1.5 tsp.]4.2 g.3.2 g.
Butter2 tbsp.28 g. [2 tbsp.]
{4 g.}
1.5 tbsp.
Water237 g. [1 cup] 237 g.
178 g.

BLBMC Country White:

Basic Bake ProgamSource50% Sodium50% Sodium
Medium Loaf
Medium Loaf@ 75% Medium
IngredientWeight [V ]
Instant Yeast2 tsp.2.8 g.
I.Y. BB-PAC201.6 g.1.2 g.
I.Y. Low1 tsp.1.4 g
Bread Flour3 cups417 g.313 g.
Instant Potato Flakes1.5 tbsp.[1.5 tbsp.]1 tbsp + .5 tsp
Skim Milk Powder3 tbsp.[3 tbsp.]2 tbsp + .75 tsp
Sugar1 tbsp.[1 tbsp.]2.25 tsp.
Salt1.5 tsp4.3 g.3.2 g.
Gluten1 tbsp.
Oil; Canola or Olive1 tbsp.[1 tbsp.]2.25 tsp.
Water1.33 cups305 g.230 g.

BLBMC Honey Whole Wheat. 33% whole wheat flour and honey flavoured:

Basic BakeSource50% Sodium50% Sodium
Medium Loaf
Medium Loaf@ 75% Medium
Instant Yeast2.25 tsp.3.2 g.
I.Y. BB-PAC201.6 g.
I.Y. Low1 1/8 tsp.1.5 g.1.1.g.
Bread Flour2 cups285 g.209 g.
Whole Wheat1 cup139 g.104 g.
Gluten4 tsp.8 g.5 g.
(2 tsp.)
Salt2 tsp.5.7 g.4.3 g.
Butter1 tbsp.[1 tbsp.]
{2 g.}
.75 tbsp
Honey.25 cups80 g.
{16 g.}
60 g. {12 g.}
3 tbsp
Large egg157 g.
{36 g.}
57 g.
{36 g. water}
Skim Milk.5 cups123 g.
{112 g.}
92 g.
Water.33 cups90 g. *50 g. *

BLBMC Buckwheat-Millet. Some buckwheat flour and some millet for texture:

Basic Bake ProgramSource50% Sodium50% Sodium
Medium Loaf
Medium Loaf@ 80% Medium
IngredientVolumeWeight [V.]
Weight [V.]
Instant Yeast2 tsp.2.8 g.
IY BB-PAC201.6 g.1.2 g.
IY Low1 tsp.1.4 g.
Bread Flour2.67 cups 371 g.297 g.
Buckwheat Flour.33 cups43 g.34 g.
[.26 cups = 1/4 cup + 3/4 7 tsp.]
Millet.33 cups[.33 cups][.26 cups = 1/4 cup + 3/4 7 tsp.]
Gluten1 tbsp.
Salt1.5 tsp4.3 g.3.2 g.
Butter1 tbsp.1 tbsp.
{2 g. }
[1 tbsp.]
{2 g.}
Honey2 tbsp21 g.
{5 g. water}
17 g. [1.6 tbsp]
{4 g.}
Water266 g.215 g.

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