Bread Machines

Bread machines produce the kind of sandwich bread produced by commercial bakeries, without preservatives. The bread will have a dense uniform crumb that is strong enough be sliced. The crust will be firm but not crisp. Lacking preservatives, bread machine bread may become stale or grow mould after a few days. Reliable information on how …

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Yeast for baking at home is normally active dry yeast, rapid rise, or instant. Bread recipes from the 1940’s until the introduction of the other varieties refer to active dry yeast. Older recipes might refer to wet yeast, but it became rare. The differences between active dry yeast and  others dry yeasts: the particles of …

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Flour is the product of grinding and milling cereal (grain). The point of harvesting and milling grain is to preserve the starches, to be eaten and metabolized into glucose. When flour is mixed with water, starches dissolve. Gliadin and glutenin are insoluble proteins in grain and in flour. When water is added to flour, these …

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