Author: Tony Dalmyn

  • The Diet Myth

    The title of Tim Spector’s 2015 book The Diet Myth refers to one “myth”. The book begans with an Introduction that discusses the author’s midlife health crisis when his blood pressure rose suddenly, and present an overview of his research into the modern diet. The Introduction identifies the problems of deciding “what is good or […]

  • Bread, Pizza & Salt

    Pizza is a leavened flatbread, usually leavened with yeast. Like other bread, it is made with salt A pizza made from scratch at a restaurant or at home can have more salt, processed cheese and processed meats than a person should eat. Making pizza dough is similiar to making bread. A pizza crust can be […]

  • Populism vs. Elites – who is elite

    The United States of America was founded as republic. It does not recognize that members of a hereditary aristocracy have formal legal power to make laws or command other persons, or any personal legal rights and privileges. America has social classes, based on wealth and income. Sociologists recognize 6 classes: Upper Class or the SuperRich; […]

  • Bike Chains Project

    My project to learn enough about bike chains and lubrication to replace my chain, change my use of lubricants, and maintain my bike better is nearly complete, subject to corrections and second thoughts: Finding Chain Wear – Introduction; internet research; trustworthy information, some basics of working with chains; Roller chain – Modern roller chain for […]

  • Cory Doctorow’s Web Presence

    I read Cory Doctorow’s didactic dystopian near future Speculative Fiction (“SF”) Young Adult (“YA”) novels Pirate Cinema, and Walkaway, and the collection of novellas Radicalized in the last few years. I recall his story “When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth” published in his 2007 collection Overclocked and widely reprinted. I have recently read his novels Little […]

  • Bike Chains 8 – Learnings for Make Benefit

    Lessons – an endless post These are lessons from playing with lubricants and bike chains. I have posted what I have written to date. This post will become an endlessly updated post. Satisficing At one time, the problem of what was good enough could be answered with a slogan such as “close enough for government […]

  • The Way We Eat Now

    The Way We Eat Now, a 2019 book by British writer Bee Wilson discusses paradoxes of food in the modern world: the success of farmers in growing enough food to feed the world, the inequalities of access to food, and the prevalence of unhealthy eating. Ms. Wilson does not identify herself as a chef, biologist, […]

  • Book discussion: Index

    Index, by Dennis Dutton, was favourably reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement, the Guardian, the NY Times and the Washington Post. I put a hold on it while the Greater Victoria library system had it on order. As the reviews promised, the book has anecdotes about British writers, including the historian MacAulay, the 18th century […]

  • Kermode and Mayo leave the BBC

    I have listened to Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review podcast, on an Ipod and more recently on podcatcher apps on my phones, since 2011. The podcast was a repeat of a radio program broadcast on the BBC Radio 5 channel in the UK, with added audio. In the podcast on April 1, 2022, Simon Mayo […]

  • Wulfrunian

    A Wulfrunian 1A Wulfrunian is not a member of an alien people in a video game. Draconian was the name of a video game in the 1980s. Some lawyers, tired of the trope and hyperbole of comparing modern laws to Draconian laws, have joked that the Draconians were hostile aliens in an episode of Star […]